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From smear campaigns to stoner clothing

Our Poster tee takes a modern, sarcastic approach on Activist Apparel

As the world is slowly figuring out, cannabis is only illegal due to the well-thought-out, smear campaigns of the early 1900’s. These campaigns were meant to spread misinformation, in order to sway the government to outlawing cannabis. Now that we are in the midst of the revolution, we feel as if marijuana t-shirts are a perfect way to make light of the situation


The Cannabis Life Poster Tee has been created not only to appeal to the eye but to spread awareness of how false information was once used in order to suppress the growth of the cannabis industry. The shirt is unisex and fits extremely comfortably, making it the perfect article for him or her!




The Cannabis Life Poster Tee feels as good as it looks, as it is created with 100% combed ringspun cotton! The shirt is built to comfortably support you through any session!




In an attempt to separate ourselves from different stoner clothing or activists apparel brands, our goal with this shirt is to give light of a major situation from almost a century ago that is still affecting us today.


The base of the t-shirt is black, and on front you will find a modern version of what smear posters looked like at the time, in a white font. You will find words such as:


  • Horror
  • Shame
  • Despair
  • Misery
  • Crime
  • Lust
  • Etc


As well as different statements that are derived from quotes such as: “Weed with roots in hell”, or “Not recommended for children”.


Article Specifics:


  • Unisex T-Shirt
  • Soft Hand
  • Fabric laundered
  • 4.3 oz
  • 100% combed ringspun cotton


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