CL Vintage Twill Baseball Jersey



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Flex the Cannabis Life Twill Baseball Jersey and never stop at third base.

As a brand, we’re constantly trying to push the cannabis culture forward, and part of that involves creating fashion that stands out, but doesn’t stick out.


The C-Life Vintage Twill Baseball Jersey is the perfect way to represent your style and your vibe while maintaining class and elegance. Rep this article at all your favorite spots and spread the message that cannabis culture is a culture of class.



The Cannabis Life Baseball Jersey has the vintage look the ladies crave and the loose-fitting comfort you know you love.



In an attempt to separate ourselves from other weed and cannabis clothing brands, we give our logo some room to breath!

This fine Twill Jersey is off white, with the CL™ logo emblazoned on the left chest. The right sleeve features the full Cannabis Life Co.™ logo.

Article Specifics:

  • Premium Twill Jersey
  • Non-wrinkle material
  • 9.8 oz high-grade polyester

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