White CL Socks



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The most comfortable 420 socks ever made!

Our flagship cannabis socks allow you to comfortably enjoy any session!

We know that the world of stoner socks is usually a bit overbearing, that’s why we are approaching our socks which a much more stylistic, minimal approach. Rather than have a montage of marijuana flowers, we want you to be able to rep us without worries of being judged!


The Cannabis Life Socks do just that! Coming in both white and black, with our simplistic logo on either side! The socks are unisex and fits extremely comfortably, making it the perfect article for him or her!




The Cannabis Life socks are high quality, super comfortable socks made from cotton with a slight stretch for breathability. They feel even better than they look!



In an attempt to separate ourselves from different weed clothing or cannabis clothing brands, we are trying to give our logo some room to breath!


White or black pair of socks, with a Green CL logo embroidered on the side. Go up to mid-calf on 5’9 model!


Article Specifics:


  • Ribbed upper with the knit CL logo and contrast heel/toe.
  • Mid-calf
  • No-slouch fit
  • Unisex

T-Shirt Measurements