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What we at Cannabis Life Co. have noticed is that there is a general sense of “doing too much” in the world of cannabis clothing and stoner pins are no exception. The Cannabis Life Pin looks to simplify the equation!


The Cannabis Life pin is simple and to the point, and allows the user to give flare anywhere that they place it on their outfit!




The Cannabis Life Terps pin gives off a metallic, sleek feel to the touch! It is pleasantly heavier than it looks, but the just the right weight to not weigh down your clothing!




In an attempt to separate ourselves from different stoner pin or pothead pin brands, we approached this pin in a way that we feel can seamlessly blend into any outfit, yet to also stand out enough to make a statement!


The base of the pin has a silver backdrop, with our iconic Cannabis Life Co logo placed with a light silver on top!


Article Specifics:


Cannabis Life 30mm black and silver custom molded pin.

Heavy metal construction with metal pin back.

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