Cannabis Life Dad Hat



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With a slight oversaturation of cannabis snapback hats,the CL dad hat takes a fresh take on cannabis headgear

Rather than an overbearing approach found in most cannabis strain hats, CL offers a way to rep in a minimal way



As a brand, CL is not only striving to push the culture of cannabis further but make a stamp within the world of fashion. That being said, we understand that currently, the world of cannabis clothing is a bit overbearing. Things that are cool to wear privately but that would not mix in the public eye.


The CL brand dad hat strives to differentiate itself from other cannabis snapback hats and cannabis dad hats by taking a minimal approach to the headgear. This allows our user to not only represent their love of cannabis but to also make an impact on fashion.




The Cannabis Life Dad Hat feels as good as it looks, as it is created with 100% garment washed soft cotton twill! The hat or cap is built to comfortably support you through any session!




In an attempt to separate ourselves from different cannabis strain hats, we tried to give a simplistic design, as we feel that the more minimal the design, the more likely the message will spread.

The base of the hat is beige/grey, with a fully black brim. The logo presented on the front of the hat is a combination of our two logos!


Article Specifics:


  1. Premium CL baseball cap
  2. Metal buckle closure
  3. CL woven label
  4. Machine washable
  5. 100% cotton

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