Using Cannabis Clothing and accessories as our medium, CL Brand looks to push the culture forward


CL Brand has been derived from a combination of desire to push the culture forward, mixed with a lack of innovation in stoner style clothes


Who We Are:

CL Brand is a group of ambitious, young, forward-minded thinking individuals who have aligned ourselves with the exponentially growing cannabis movement, with a desire of making a major impact on the industry.

Through a compilation of cannabis inspired apparel, collaborations in the cannabis space, and cannabis accessories, and cannabis education based content, we look to not only provide our consumers with high-quality products, but we look to build a lifestyle around these products.

Unlike other cannabis clothing brands, we believe that YOU are much more important to our mission than we are. Through constant engagement, high (pun intended) quality products, stellar customer service, and continuous innovation, we are looking to create a loyal movement that becomes bigger than the individual, and that can make an impact for years to come.


Who Is Our Target:

We are looking to target consumers that are tired of the repetitiveness found in other stoner clothing brands, and who see cannabis as more than a plant, but rather a lifestyle.

It is important to note that we are also interested in enticing the less-passionate advocates of cannabis, through creating a visual lifestyle and providing educational content (using our sister company, Cannabis Life Radio). We feel that the good vibes of cannabis are to be spread to as many people as possible.

Our main functions:

The functions of CL Brand will be split into four main components

           Cannabis Clothing
      • We look to take a minimal, clean, and innovative approach towards the world of cannabis clothing. We have noticed that the majority of cannabis clothing brands and stoner style clothes have put themselves into a novelty box with their choices of design, and we are trying to avoid that at all costs.
                 Cannabis Accessories
            • As the industry grows and cannabis usage is becoming more and more accepted, we feel as if the most important side industry is cannabis accessories. Our approach will have two main pillars, the first being high quality, the second being innovative in our accessories.
                • As we look to garner respect within the cannabis industry, we will simultaneously be doing the same within the fashion, glass art, and street art industries through different collaborations. Look out for special edition capsule collections coming soon!


                • Through our sister company, Cannabis Life Radio, we look to bring you the most up to date, relevant, and enticing cannabis industry news, statistics, and information!