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Cannabis Hats

Cannabis Hats have been taken to new heights with our exclusive high-quality Cannabis apparel hats! Our 420 clothing collection is committed to making the most fun and fashionable Cannabis attire available on the web. Our Cannabis hats are all made with 100% Garment Washed Soft Cotton. We have three different designs from which to choose. Our Cannabis apparel hats are available in a variety of colors like Khaki, Olive Green, and Black. Cannabis Life Apparel strives to separate ourselves from different Cannabis apparel hats by using a more minimalist approach to advance the Cannabis movement.

Cannabis Snapback & Dad Hats

Cannabis snapback and dad hats are making a big statement in the world of cannabis apparel hats. Cannabis Life Apparel has the freshest take on Cannabis leaf hats on the Internet. Our Cannabis snapback hats are only $25! The Cannabis Life brand dad hat strives to differentiate itself from other cannabis leaf hats and cannabis apparel hats by taking a minimal approach on the headgear. The base of the hat is black and paired with a fully black brim. The logo presented on the front of the hat is our flagship CL logo. Not only will you portray your love of cannabis, but you can also make a fashion statement to society!  

We are a Cannabis clothing brand that is dedicated to spreading the word on the medical benefits of marijuana. You can begin the conversation by sporting our Medicate hat. More states are waking up to the reality that there is a lot more to the marijuana plant than the psychoactive compound THC. Not everyone who supports Cannabis legalization is trying to get high, many want a healthy alternative to the prescription drugs associated with deadly risks. Medicate is an incredibly simple, yet powerful statement. This Cannabis dad hat base is olive green and paired with a fully olive green brim. The logo presented on the front of the hat is identical to our Medicate shirt. Our original Cannabis Life logo hat is beige/gray paired with a fully black brim. The logo presented on the front of the hat is a combination of our two logos. It is a premium Cannabis Life baseball cap with a metal buckle closure and a CL woven label. These two Cannabis hats are only $20! Our Cannabis snapback and dad hats go great with our exclusive Cannabis t-shirts, marijuana socks, and other Cannabis accessories.