Not just another stoner clothing brand, but rather a lifestyle

Not just another stoner clothing brand, but rather a lifestyle

Introducing Cannabis Life, a culture-bending, movement, established to supplement the best cannabis accessories, apparel, news, and information to the masses

Who we are:

Cannabis Life is a movement derived from the ashes (pun intended), here to fill the void in quality 420 clothing and accessories, while aligning ourselves with the current cannabis movement that is rapidly spreading through our nation. Unlike other marijuana clothing brands that seem to come and go, Cannabis Life has been created with not only the consumer in mind but with goals of pushing the culture forward by organically spreading the good vibes of cannabis.

We are a group of young, ambitious, and forward-thinking individuals that have a common link through breaking the stigma behind 420 clothing and accessories. The only difference between us and all of the other brands is that we wanted to present a lifestyle behind it, rather than becoming just another stoner clothing brand.


What we currently provide:

Cannabis Life Co.’s first initiative as a brand is our first collection of marijuana clothing,
which includes:


  • Medicate Army Tee
  • Cannabis Life Stamp Tee
  • Constitution Tee
  • Marijuana Poster Tee
  • Terps Red Heather Tee
  • Tax Stamp Tee


  • Cannabis Life Dad Hat
  • Cannabis Life Snapback
  • Medicate Dad Hat


  • Black Cannabis Life Socks
  • White Cannabis Life Socks


  • Cannabis LIfe Co. Pin
  • Terps Pin

As well as providing intriguing cannabis related facts and statistics through our social media channels, we truly feel as if we are revolutionizing the world of cannabis accessories and apparel.


Where we plan to take it:

As we all know, all great things take time, which is why we thought it was important to let our consumers know of our end goal with the company:

Cannabis Life Co. will be split into four main functions, all set to serve the modern day cannabis consumer:

Function 1: Exclusive Apparel

Cannabis Life Co. will always have our very own, original apparel found in our store, continuously looking to be at the forefront of marijuana clothing. Such as the aforementioned items, we will continue to research different trends within the cannabis communities, and bring them to life on our apparel.

Function 2: Collaborative Apparel

Rather than focusing on only branding ourselves as a stoner clothing brand, Cannabis Life Co. is looking to take a full leap into the realm of streetwear, through different collaborations with reputable streetwear brands, giving both the brands a new audience to be presented to. If you own or know of any brands that would like to collaborate, please reach out to us at

Function 3: Cannabis Accessories

As saturated as the cannabis accessories market is, we truly feel like we can make an impact by providing our consumers with not only the highest quality of accessories but being in the forefront in terms of accessory innovation. Rather than provide a standard grinder, we are currently researching ways that a grinder can work better for you. Look out for further developments in this function!

Function 4: Cannabis Information 

In correlation to our sister company “Cannabis Life Radio”, we look to bring you the most compelling, important, and intriguing cannabis industry and scientific news. Using only the most reputable sources, as our brand grows, we are looking to spread the word of cannabis to the masses.

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